Association of Student Programs

HMJ (Students Association) is an organization of students who were in the majors. HMJ is the implementing agency that has the executive power in the scope of the department mandated by BPM (Student Representative Board) through the Department of Elections. HMJ carry out activities in the scope of the majors. HMJ members are all students who are registered and legitimate in the majors after going through the mechanism of new admissions.

Duties and Obligations

  • Implementing the mandate of the mandated students BPM
  • Implement and uphold the AD / ART
  • Implement all the provisions of BPM majors
  • Implement GBHOK at the Department of
  • Making decisions is considered necessary in the implementation GBHOK at the majors.
  • Representing students majoring in either inside or outside
  • Mandatory priority to the aspirations of students in making organizational design
  • Reporting organization's work plan to BPM Programs
  • Entitled to make suggestions, advice, opinions, aspirations to the majors
  • Coordinative committee held a meeting with BEM-BPM
  • Creating an accountability report on the implementation of the mandate of BPM and delivered in plenary session
  • Have the right to autonomy to take care of all activities at the department level

HMJ is coordinative institution with BEM and SMEs for the programs and their respective programs of a general nature.

Formation HMJ Step

  1. HMJ elected Chairman of Students through the electoral system Programs / Prodi
  2. The discipline and the way the election is set by the mortgage (Kingdom Electoral Commission)
  3. Ratification of the Chairman HMJ performed by BEM
  4. Formation Mechanism of the formation of the board with a single
  5. Endorsement by Chief steward HMJ HMJ
  6. HMJ Chairman shall not concurrently daily internal organization administrators and campus administrators are allowed concurrently external Daily Campus
  7. Chairman HMJ HMJ accountable to members through BPM majors

HMJ Nutrition

HMJ Nutrition was founded and inaugurated on December 20, 2002. Up until now HMJ Nutrition has undergone developments both in quality and quantity. HMJ Nutrition try to meet the needs of receiving and channeling, directing and developing creativity and berasaskan activities with family members based on Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945.

Under the auspices HMJ contained Nutrition Programs Student Activities Unit (SME Department), among others; Dance, Band, Sports, Classic Club, the Scientific Group, Choir and SII (Intensive Study of Islam) as a medium for students to realize the Nutrition Department of the religious students and have the skills in their respective fields.

HMJ Vision Nutrition

"Developing HMJ as a professional student organizations, independent, creative and have high image embodies civitas skills academy and society"

HMJ Mission Nutrition

  1. Improve management and administration of the organization.
  2. Being able to look critically and creatively in analyzing the internal problem of student Department of Nutrition.
  3. HMJ imaging as well as establish and strengthen relationships with alumni, institutions / agencies both internal and external
  4. Raise awareness and help people, especially in the field of Nutrition.
  5. Developing kegizian activities both scientifically and application.


Nutrition HMJ stewardship consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. HMJ have departments, namely: Reasoning, Kesma, Sport, and Religion.

HMJ Nursing

HMJ Nursing was established in 2009. Institutions arose because of the transition from nursing HIMA Prodi following a rule change Agency for Health PPSDM polytechnic student organizations at MoH.

HMJ Nursing Position

This student club is one of the student organization that serves as the executive body of the nursing department as the implementing organization or department-level nursing courses which include nursing Malang, Lawang, Blitar.

Work System
System work in Nursing divided HMJ closed and open systems. Closed system means HMJ Nursing administrators have their own regulations for the management HMJ Nursing. While the open system point of Nursing HMJ be working with other student organizations, both within the polytechnic Kemenkes Malang and outside the institution. Furthermore, HMJ Nursing does not work alone but we've got partners of Student Representative Body (BPMJ) Nursing functions as a legislative body whose job duties and supervise and evaluate the work of HMJ Nursing journey.

Featured Programs

In 2010 HMJ Nursing establish flagship programs, namely: Health Seminar, Achieving Student Elections Department of Nursing, Department of Nursing and PPSM.


Student Activity Unit (SMEs) run by HMJ Nursing there are three major sectors namely SME Classic Club, Sports SMEs, and SMEs Islamic Spirituality. SMEs Classic Club is under the auspices of the Ministry of HRD, SME Sports under the auspices of the Department's interest and talent, while the Islamic Chaplaincy for SMEs under the auspices of the Department of Chaplaincy. Third of SMEs is in the Nursing Program, but each has a different name.

Organizational Structure

HMJ stewardship of Nursing consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The departments which are under HMJ Nursing is: Department of HRD, Department of Chaplaincy, Ministry Talent Interests, Department of Student Welfare, Department of Public Relations.

HMJ Midwifery

HMJ Midwifery has work programs include:

1. Caping Day

Capping a day of activities foster student appointments prior to practice midwifery in the field. This activity is intended for all students semester 2. The event was attended by all second semester students and their guardian, and lecturer. The purpose of this activity is to evoke feelings of love profession, prepare students as an initial step prior to clinical practice, as well as to instill a sense of responsibility with the swearing-in.

2. PPSM (Introductory Course Student)

PPSM is an introduction to the activities of existing courses in the polytechnic Kemenkes Malang to new students. The purpose of this activity is to prepare candidates for new students in following the teaching-learning process, improve discipline prospective students through the tasks required of them, encourage creativity and activity of prospective students, as well as the orientation of the college and polytechnic education system in general and Malang Kemenkes Department of Obstetrics in particular.

Separated Kenang

Separated recalls an offering of student activity levels 1 and 2 for third level students who will be at graduation. This activity aims to develop student creativity, build unity among students, faculty and staff, and celebrate the farewell to the third level students.


The seminar is an activity aimed at students and general public are also interested. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the knowledge of students and the general public as well as introduces Malang to the public polytechnic.

Anniversary celebration RI

An activity in order to commemorate the anniversary of Indonesia. This activity was followed by involving students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of this activity is to increase the sense of nationalism and to strengthen relationships between students and faculty and staff.

SII (Islamic Studies Intensive)

SII is an activity that cooperate with Sie HMJ Islamic Spirituality. This event is for new students who are Muslims. This activity aims to introduce a program of religious (Islam) to the new students and establish an Islamic life in thinking and personality.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a form of joint Christmas celebration for the Department of Midwifery students who are Christian/Catholic. This activity has the objective to know the meaning of Christmas, tighten the brotherhood between students Christian/Catholic, as well as to foster a sense of solidarity between students Christian/Catholic.